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Oh goodness, the way you worded your thread made me giggle because Bully Sticks are actually Bull penises:P What Bully Sticks dog treats are made from, product analysis Chase will take about 45minutes.

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With our 100 percent digestible, flavorful and highly palatable bully sticks we have to offer, your dog will love our wide selection of long-lasting edible chews.Jumbo Dental Bully Treats by Best Bully Sticks are made in the USA and free of any hormones, additives or unhealthy chemicals.

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From delicate treats to ultra-long-lasting chews, there is something for every dog in this collection.The product recommendations, pet health care advice, and other information provided on the Site (Site Content) or over the phone are not to be construed as veterinary advice and are not meant to be a substitute for a consultation with a certified veterinarian.Not a tendon and not processed meat strips, bully sticks are dried, lightly smoked or natural flavor.

Our dog chews are predominantly single ingredient beef, kangaroo, buffalo, lamb, or chicken.New dog owners are probably wondering why bully sticks are fast becoming the most preferred dog treats, overtaking conventional dog chews made from rawhide and manufactured bone.

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These beef stick treats are made from the Bull pizzle, hand selected and dehydrated at our plant to perfection, cut, inspected and packed.Made in a variety of shapes and sizes, these treats are perfect for all sizes and breeds of dogs for a long-lasting chew that promotes dental health.Bully sticks are popular dog treats, made from the pizzle (aka the penis) of a bull.

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They are made traditionally from bull penises, but can also contain beef tendons and dried muscle.

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Our various hypoallergenic stick products do not use any corn, wheat or soya.

These long-lasting chews keep dogs entertained and promote dental health.They also administered a survey to pet owners to assess their knowledge of these treats.

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Gnawing on a bully stick helps a dog relieve stress or boredom and chewing keeps its teeth and gums.Our dogs love the buffalo bully sticks and cant get enough of them.

Bully sticks are digestible dog treats made of dried steer or bull penis (you read that correctly), which is considered an animal by product.

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Bully sticks have long held a soft spot in canine hearts with most pooches happy to spend hours chewing away at them, and given the excitement with which dogs react to bull pizzle treats, dog owners are only too happy to indulge their furry friends.Despite the popularity of pig ears and rawhide, bully sticks are by far the safest choice for your dog to chew on.Other names for bully sticks include pizzle sticks, steer sticks and beef sticks.

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We only have a very limited supply of these treats, so order today to get them in time for the holidays.Our packaging has won national awards against Fortune 500 Global Brands.

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Bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks and beef pizzles, are a favorite of many dogs.Our treats range from highly palatable Duck Jerky sticks to single-source proteins such as Lamb Liver.

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Other popular dog treats beside Bully Sticks A lot of people let their dogs go hog wild on rawhide treats, and never think twice about it.

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Our all-natural bully sticks are made with 100% beef to give your pet a treat bursting with delicious flavor.Bones and chew sticks are a great alternative to giving your dog too many treats.Buffalo Bully Sticks For Dogs: Pack of 4 - 9 inch sticks Made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo, these wholesome dog treats: Help reduce tartar and maintain canine dental health Supply a leaner alternative to beef Are suitable for.Pizzles historically have been used for different purposes from walking canes to medicinal powders.This is a good guide to check for American Made dog treats, Made in USA Chicken Jerky, USA Rawhide, all natural treats, wheat free dog cookies, grain free treats, hypoallergenic dog treats, freeze dried liver, and more.

The Bully Jrs have a whole display in this petstore with tons of stuff.mostly bully sticks but also tendons.Cadet Bull Sticks are natural beef bully sticks that are slow-roasted to bring out the savory taste dogs love.

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Dogs love Bully Sticks and these treats are good for your pet too.

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