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Internet Pet Supplies sells these excellent USA pig ears at wholesale prices.

The main objectives of this study were to determine the degree of Salmonella contamination in dried pig ear dog treats on sale in Limerick City, Ireland and to examine pet dogs for Salmonella carriage.The recalled Roasted Pig Ears and Variety Pack Dog Treats were distributed nationwide through Target retail stores in August 2012.The basics for training your Golden Retriever are very simple and fun for both you and your fur baby or anyone who needs help training your Golden Retriever.

Has anyone ever given their puppy pig ears and they have gotten sick and threw up.While bones, jerky treats, pet chews and pig ears seem to be natural choices to give your dogs to nibble and chew on, here are some facts that you may want to be aware of before you start to dole out the treats.

Salmonella in pig ear treats By Scott Weese on February 3, 2011 Posted in Dogs.

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An Irish study has reported a high rate of Salmonella contamination in pig ear treats.

A classic chew that is made in the USA, they are slow roasted.Pig ears for dogs are a great source of protein for your dog - they contain 9 out of the 10 essential amino acids.Related questions about diarrhea in dogs: My dog is pooping blood Dog has occasional diarrhea Vomiting and Diarrhea.One question though: When I walk into my local pet supply store I see pigs ears on sale as a treat for dogs.Country Butcher Pig Ears are a naturally delicious chew treat for dogs of every size.You can buy the pig treats from pet stores or get some pig ears from a trustworthy butcher and prepare the treats yourself.

Some are sold with no additional flavors, while others are smoked with hickory or bacon.

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Smokehouse Pig Ears Natural Dog Chews Pig ears are a natural way to help alleviate boredom, and Smokehouse Pig Ears Natural Dog Chews are a great way to treat your dog with only the best.

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Approximate Dimensions (Product): Variable, due to the natural fall of the raw material.Available as Braided and Straight Pizzle in varying lengths, Ear Strips, Single and 10 Pack Pig Ears, Ham Bones, and Humerus Bones.

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Most pig ear dog treats are also covered in chemicals, additives and preservatives, so choose chews made in the USA only.

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At SuperCan Bully Sticks we are always committed to produced Top Quality Dog food for your pups.Making and smoking your own can reduce the cost and allows you to make treats the right size for your special pooch.

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I thought my puppy had too many treats they other day but then this afternoon a while after eating his pig ear he got sick again.Only Natural Pet Pig Ear Dog Chews are oven baked for great flavor and a chewy texture dogs will love sinking their teeth into.The treat has no preservatives or added flavorings - just 100% natural pig ear.About 33% of these are ear tags, 22% are access control card, and 20% are pet food.

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